Dr. Jennifer Thomas (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Elissa Martinez LMFT (Recovery Record) have put together an indepth recorded webinar about best practice treatment of ARFID using CBT-AR. It is a fantastic resource for anyone treating, or with an interest in treating, ARFID. The CBT-AR language and content included in the ARFID configuration of Recovery Record is attributable to the Picky Eater's Recovery Book and authors Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Dr. Kendra Becker, and Dr. Kamryn Eddy. You can purchase this empowering and practical resource from Amazon.

We hope that with quality resources like these, and with Recovery Record for Clinicians, you can truly do your best practice.

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  • Self-Monitoring

    Meal Logs

  • Coping Strategies


  • Secure Messaging

    Coping Skills

  • Planning

    Secure Messaging

  • Trigger Management

    Gain Insights

  • Keep on Track

    Keep on track

  • Relapse Prevention

    Encouraging & rewarding

  • Collaboration


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Recovery Record for Clinicians

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