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We are the disorder management platform that reduces costs, improves engagement, and creates market differentiation.

Help your employers reduce eating disorder costs

There is no doubt, eating disorders are hurting employer bottom lines. An estimated 1 out of 10 women have an eating disorder, and the number of men struggling with eating disorders is on the rise. Eating disorders account for approximately $8.5 billion in treatment costs per year in the United States and self-insured employers bear the bulk of these costs, along with the cost of lost productivity. A person with a serious eating disorder is unable to leave his/her condition at the door when it is time to start working. This creates complex issues for the individual and management.

Recovery Record enables employers to provide responsible, discrete and seamless accommodations to keep their employees as a part of the thriving workplace while proactively encouraging recovery.

Differentiate your services

Build value by adding an innovative disorder management platform to your offerings. Recovery Record enables employers to meaningfully engage employees living with eating disorders.

  • Empower employees to take control of disorder management
  • Provide employees with access to evidence-based content, tools and support
  • Improve employee health, wellbeing and satisfaction

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